Isabella Wight started her fashion blog Views of Now at 12. Five years on she’s basically smashing it. We find out what she’s learned about staying true to her voice, style and #goals



“Figure out what you love and always make time for that”


Hey Isabella! How did Views of Now come about? 

I started it in 2009 as a way to escape school holiday boredom. For as long as I can remember I’ve been interested in the fashion world, and the blog served as my creative outlet and personal diary.  I wanted to offer a youthful, fresh take on fashion.


How do you balance blogging with your social life and studying?

My biggest tip would be learning to prioritise. Work out what you need to do and put that first. Figure out what you love and always make time for that, too. If it all gets too much, never beat yourself up for taking a step back.


What goes into a typical shoot for you?

I like to plan my outfit, make up and location before every shoot. I’ll set aside some time to gather inspiration and get a feel for the mood I want, then I’ll get my mum or a friend to help me shoot!


What advice do you have for girls wanting to get into blogging?

Go for it. I get a lot of emails from girls who are worried about what people might say or think, and I went through that too. A lot of my friends didn’t understand what I was doing. Now people get it – I’m just doing what I love. Be 100% yourself and you will be successful, regardless of what people think.


Let’s talk style. How would you describe your look?

Youthful, eclectic and fresh. My style is forever changing, like me.

You’re a denim lover – how do you like to style yours?

Denim is a massive staple in my wardrobe and I wear it in so many different ways. One of my faves is denim on denim – think more Olivia Palermo, less Britney and Justin. I also love to dress up distressed denim by adding heels and red lipstick.


“I wanted to offer a youthful, fresh take on fashion”


What’s your go-to accessory?

Hands down, a good hat. I’m a sucker for an oversized fedora – it finishes a look head-to-toe (literally!)


If you could raid any girl’s wardrobe?

Olivia Palermo always kills it. I’d like her wardrobe now, please!


So are you eyeing off a career in fashion?

I am! After I graduated school last year I was accepted to RMIT in Melbourne for fashion merchandising. I’ve taken a GAP year to continue blogging and sort out the big move, but I’ m over the moon to study what I love.





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