She rose to fame on Home and Away and stole the show as Cheryl in Puberty Blues. So what advice would the actress have for her teenage self?

Did filming those coming-of-age shows make you reflect on your own teenage years?

It did, yes. It’s intriguing when you find similarities between yourself and your characters, and things in your life you can draw on. Obviously I was going through puberty at the same time as my character Annie on Home and Away so that was both hard and very funny at times!

What advice would you have for your 16 year old self?

Be yourself and don’t worry so much. You should always try to be your best self, but don’t change for the wrong reasons (like trying to fit in with people who don’t accept you.) The right people will come along that love you for those exact things you thought you should change.

“I was going through puberty at the same time as my character Annie on Home and Away!”


How would you describe your style?

Relaxed, feminine and a little boho... but it changes all the time!

Do you have style icons?

It depends what mood I’m in. Brigitte Bardot is probably my favourite, and I also love Alexa Chung and model Lily Aldridge.

You often share your looks on Instagram, where do you find your fashion inspo?

Mostly I just see things I like and try to put my own spin on it. I get inspiration from my close girlfriends too.

What do you and your Girl Gang love to do in the winter months?

Lots of girls’ nights in. I’m a film geek so we go to the cinema a lot (cinema via Max Brenner chocolate bar...)

You star in our new winter campaigns, what trends are you loving ?

The florals and soft colours, especially the fluffy pastel jumpers! 

Get her look in bohemian florals and distressed denim. A fedora finishes the look.





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