She’s the star of our campaigns and Sarah Ellen’s bestie – but did you know she speaks three languages? Get to know your new girlcrush

Hi Inka! You’ve got a pretty cool accent, what’s your background?

My mum is French and my dad is Aussie, but they’ve been living in Bali since the ‘80’s.


How has Bali life influenced your style?

My mother always had the best style. When I see her old photos all I want is her gypsy wardrobe. Her style matched the carefree lifestyle and nomadic, adventurous party life!


You inspire girls everywhere through your Instagram. How do you connect with your followers?

My followers are so special to me, and I want to be myself in my captions and be honest. Seeing all their amazing comments always puts a smile on my face, I am so lucky to have them support me through my journey. Sometimes I have live video-chats with them and it seriously makes me so happy knowing I can make someone smile just by being myself.


What does your Girl Gang mean to you?

My girlfriends are my everything. Some people say “you can only have one best friend” but all of mine are besties. I trust them all and spend most of my weekends with them.


We’ve noticed you’re a denim lover?

I love everything about it! It’s all I wear and I never get bored of it.


“It makes me so happy knowing I can make someone smile just by being myself.”


What do you like about shooting with Supre?

Modelling for a brand I’ve worn since I was young is so fun and exciting! I love knowing how it is behind the scenes and meeting new people.


You’re much more than just a model. Tell us about your ambitions!

I want to get more into acting, and I’m also starting my own swimwear label! I have a strong passion for design and want to share my ideas with my fans and friends.


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