Embroidery is making a comeback and Martina Martian is leading the pack

Embroidery is making a comeback and Martina Martian is leading the pack. Through her Instagram we quickly discovered that this nineteen-year-old Sydney-sider is a legit creative superstar, and we just HAD to invite her to work her magic on a pair of our shorts. As she got down to business we picked her brain on personal influences, 80s inspired style and THAT LAST NAME.


We think it’s fair to say you’re leading the embroidery reunion tour. Why do you think the cool kids are embracing this previously old fashioned craft?

I feel like people are reinventing it as more of a modern thing. A lot of feminists and young girls are using embroidery, and taking it from that old school style to something a bit more fun. It’s nice to go back to a handmade form of art with that physical element, as opposed to digital art.


We’ve written a how-to guide, but can you tell our girls how you became so skilled?

I learnt to embroider through YouTube. I’ve always sewed but embroidery is a little bit different. There are thousands of tutorials on there, mostly by old ladies. In the past I would mainly illustrate, but again, I do prefer things that you can touch. So I transferred my style to a different medium. I guess it developed out of boredom and wanting to try something new. Now, I’ve embroidered tote bags, bucket hats, jeans and skivvies.


Finish this sentence. My artistic style is…

I’d say it’s late eighties, early nineties inspired. References like Saved by the Bell and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It’s the bright, clashing colours. It’s eye watering and horrible but great at the same time. I love it.


So, colour is definitely your thing?

When I was younger I used to just draw in black and white. I think becoming more confident after graduating school made me more brave to use colour. It can be scary using it for the first time.


Does your personal style follow the same vibe?

Yes, I like any colourful eighties sportswear. I’m not sporty at all but it’s comfy! My tracksuit collection is huge. I don’t think people wear enough colour these days because it’s easier to wear black. You have to be brave to wear colour.


Where do you get your #inspo?

I follow artists on Instagram and search Etsy and Tumblr. I don’t want to see clubbing photos; I only want to follow creative people who inspire me.


We’d all love to know – why Martina Martian?

It started when I was little and I figured out I could swap the last two letters of my name and make it say Martian. So that was that!


Lastly, what’s next in Martina’s world?

The problem is - I just want to do everything!


And we really think she will. Watch this space.





Grab your favourite Supre denim shorts or skirt.



Decide on a word or design to feature. Our ‘Gurl Glossary’ can provide the inspo. Trace your design lightly on the fabric. This acts as your guide.



It’s time to get creative. Choose some coloured floss and thread your needle – when in doubt, choose pink.


HOT TIP : Balance out one or two big patches with smaller ones to create a killer combo.



Use a chain stitch to embroider over the traced design. If you’re a sewing newbie, YouTube can school you in embroidery 101.



Play with your colours and don’t be afraid to experiment. Clashing can be cool.



Once complete, it’s time to decorate your denim. On a low setting, carefully iron on those patches.



Show your shorts to the squad and prepare to be hailed the kween of all things DIY.





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