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headspace - National Youth Mental Health Foundation

In 2014, Supré partnered with headspace, the National Youth Mental Health Organisation, to take a stand against bullying.

The Supré Foundation Grants Program is an initiative that was developed to focus on the creation of educational tools and programs supporting teenage girls impacted by bullying. To date, $330,000 has been committed to headspace, funding the creation and delivery of a Bullying Education & Prevention Resource Kit, which is now available to schools across the country, as well as the delivery of free companion booklets throughout our stores and headspace centres nationally.  
Bullying So Not Okay
Reaching girls in schools is a powerful start; however we wanted to go one step further, so we created an adapted version of the school kit an designed it into a compact pocket sized booklet.  
Bullying So Not Okay Booklet - get yours free instore
1 in 4 Australian young people are bullied regularly
Being bullied can have serious immediate and long term negative effects on physical and mental health.

Learn how to support a friend who is being bullied here.
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