Through our partnerships and initiatives we foster a supportive world where girls are empowered.

In 2014 Supré partnered with headspace, the National Youth Mental Health Organisation, to take a stand against bullying. Through the sale of Supré Foundation product instore and online we have been able to develop the Supré Foundation Grants Program, an initiative focused on the creation of educational tools and initiatives supporting teenage girls impacted by bullying.

Over the next 12 months, $300,000 has been committed by the Supré Foundation for the development and implementation of these programs by headspace through their centres as well as schools and the wider community.


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When someone is being bullied, feeling alone or just needing to talk, friends can make all the difference. Everyone has the power to make a positive impact on another person simply by being there for them.

You can help us raise funds and awareness through the purchase of our awesome Supré Foundation products found instore and online. With your help, we can make the message of Always By Your Side a movement.



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