The environments in which our products are made and the materials used to make them are an important part of our ethical responsibility. As part of The Cotton On Group, our Ethical Sourcing Program underpins all the decisions we make when sourcing our products.

We maintain long term relationships with selected suppliers to ensure their commitment and understanding of our business. We view our supplier base as an extension of our team. Those who work for our suppliers, work for us. We are therefore committed to ensuring safe workplaces in the factories that we do business with, in addition to the protection of workers’ human rights.

Our ethical sourcing program aims to drive improvements to working standards and conditions in factories globally. We increasingly invest in resources and infrastructure, working with suppliers to educate them on the importance of compliance and improving workers’ conditions, including human rights.

Additional resources based in our headquarters and a growing team of on-the-ground auditors based in China and Bangladesh allow us to increase the number of factory audits and improve training of factory management. In instances where remedial action is required, we work closely with suppliers to ensure corrective action is implemented and improvements are made. Part of our program also includes third party auditors who carry out independent checks of our supply partners.