Meet Kat and Michelle, the seriously rad chicks behind the perfectly curated blog and Instagram,Two Halves. Based in London and Melbourne respectively, the duo became besties and business partners at a party, where they happened to be wearing the same shoes. The rest, as they say, is history.

We jumped at the chance to ask the girls a couple of questions we’ve been dying to know the answers to.

Read on to hear what they have to say on blogging, personal style and top beauty products.

 Describe a standard day in your life 
K: If I’m not hooked up to emails and social media on my phone or laptop, I’m exploring the sights of London as a new local!
 M: After breakfast and a quick walk with my pup Swift, I’ll head to work and be creative for 8 hours, briefly stopping to eat lunch and various snacks.

 How did you ladies meet? 
K: At a mutual friend’s 1920s themed 21st birthday party.
M: We were wearing the same shoes!

 What do you love about blogging with your bestie? 
K: There’s no pressure, just fun!
 M: More excuses to hang out and try new things together :)

 You live in different countries. Do you find this to be challenging or is it good having different perspectives? 
K&M: We think it’s been great for producing more dynamic content, as living in different countries exposes to you more interesting places to feature, different seasons, trends and documenting other cultures. The only challenge is of course, being apart *sad face*.

 Does your location influence the content you post? 
K&M: Only in the sense of shoot locations, otherwise we find what our followers like. Pretty much any content that’s fashion, beauty or food related is universal and irrespective of where we are in the world.

 Tell us about your personal style 
K: Minimal, relaxed, and lots of black! 
M: A bold or colourful statement piece pared back with the staples.

 Do you try to coordinate your outfits? 
K&M: Occasionally for shoots, but most of the time we’re happy just doing our own thang.

 What’s your number one tip for aspiring bloggers? 
K&M: Just have fun with it, because the moment it becomes a chore it’s not worth doing.

 What are your top beauty products? 
K: I can’t live without my Shu Uemura eyelash curler, Nars bronzer and Aesop-everything. 
M: Stila waterproof liquid eyeliner for the perfect cat-eye, Go-To Skincare lip balm, and Kiehl’s daily reviving concentrate facial oil. 

 Who are your fave set of celebrity twins or twins from a movie? 
K: Does Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap count?
 M: Can’t go past Arnie and Danny Devito tbh!

 What’s your ultimate meal? 
K: Burgers, thick cut fries, pho, served with a side of sashimi.
 M: Parmesan truffle fries, a rare steak with garlic butter, and then like, a 1L tub of Connoisseur Belgian Chocolate ice cream.

 Sneakers or heels? 
K: Sneakers.
 M: Sneakers. And never sneaker heels.

 Pizza or pasta? 
K: Pizza.
 M: This question is mean. I can’t choose.

 Summer or Winter? 
K&M: Summer!

 Nights out or nights in? 
K: Depends on the weather…
 M: Nights in #noshame







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