Why is it that all the coolest chicks happen to be twins? Srsly, we’re running out of fingers to count them on!

Meet Supré blogger faves, Maya and Chelsea, aka The Lookalikes.

We quizzed the Byron born sisters on their majorly epic style, what it’s like being a twin and ultimate snacks.

 What’s your favourite thing about being twin? 
Always having someone to count on no matter what - who also happens to be your sister and your bestie!

 Do you try and coordinate your outfits? 
Actually the opposite! We are always conscious of trying not to dress too similar, although sometimes this can be a challenge given that we do have very similar styles.

 How does your style differ from one another? 
Maya usually keeps it monochrome by opting for all black, whereas Chelsea isn’t afraid to go for a little bit of colour or quirkiness… hence the hair.

 Can you read each other’s minds? 
This is probably the question we get asked most. As much we would love to say yes, unfortunately we do not have telepathic communication!

 Do you like the same music? 
Yes, we’re currently sharing a Spotify account.

 Who is your favourite set of celebrity twins? 
It’s a no brainer…the Olsen twins of course! Aside from them being the ultimate style icons we grew up watching them on TV. I mean who doesn’t love the movie “It takes two”?!

 What’s your fave snack? 

 Do you do anything that annoys each other?? 
Sharing an apartment can have its challenges, especially because Maya is a clean freak and Chelsea shotgunned the master bedroom.

 Do you share wardrobes? 
YES! This is probably one of the best things about being a twin. Only one of us needs to try something on AND we get to go halves in everything. Although, who gets to wear it first is a whole ‘nother story!

 Pizza or Pasta? 
Two of our favourite foods, but pizza for the win

 Chocolate or Lollies? 
Tea and chocolate after dinner is a match made in heaven

 Bieber or Beyoncé? 
Chelsea is a Belieber and Maya loves Queen B.

 Summer or Winter? 
As we spent most of our childhood around Byron, we love a summer’s day at the beach

 Yoga or Running? 
Our mum lives in Bali and runs yoga retreats… giving us a definite bias toward yoga!

 Early mornings or late nights? 
Late nights. We love a good sleep in

 Sneakers or heels? 
Sneakers. All about that comfort








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