You know the drill, you wake up and you’re fresh ‘n’ ready to show the day who's boss. That is, until you look in the mirror and see something that has no bizzness setting up camp on your face. It’s a pimple and it’s here to try and ruin your self-confidence.

Lucky for you, we think you deserve every tool in our anti-acne repertoire to keep you feeling great 24/7.

Plus, we’ve gone through this charade on the reg, so we totally know what’s up. TTYN bad skin!


As the great poet Zoolander once said, “moisture is the essence of wetness and wetness is the essence of beauty”. Babes going through skin woes often make the mistake of ditching the moisturizer and going for harsh products that strip the skin and leave it feeling dry.

Moisturizer is your bestie here and you should be using it twice a day, or after you cleanse.

Which brings us to the next point. A classic in-shower face cleanse ain’t gonna cut it. What you want to do is invest a couple of extra minutes into your routine (and your beautiful face) and double cleanse.

First, remove your makeup with a cleansing oil (yes, we said oil) or a micellar water – Garnier makes a pretty major one that’ll keep your face and bank account happy.

Once your makeup is fully removed, go in with your favourite cleanser for a second clean. Dry skinned ladies should opt for a milky product, while oiler girls will be better off with a foam or gel.


When life gets hectic (whoever invented exams is totally unfriended) we tend to gravitate toward the confectionary aisle of the supermarket. No judgement, we’ve all been there. But, when your skin is stressed, it’s best to really focus on what’s going inside your body.

Building your diet around vitamin-a rich foods, good fats and protein is the recipe for glowing skin. Sweet potatoes, leafy greens, salmon, avocado, lean meats and eggs is where it's at.

Adding in a zinc and magnesium supplement can also do wonders. Plus, magnesium helps with dem much needed zzz’s – which is super beneficial for good skin health! However, always remember to consult your doctor before diet changes.


At the end of the day, everyone gets pimples at one point or another. It’s an unfortunate part of life and we pinky-promise that:

 1. Other people don’t notice them…and if they do, they’re not worth your time.

 2. They will eventually disappear!

And girl, if your skin troubles are really getting you down then our number one piece of advice is to head to a dermatologist and ask for help…don’t let your self-confidence take a beating.

You are epic and no beauty issues are worth making you doubt that.



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