We’re calling it. Naomi Sequeira is 100% gonna be the next Tay Tay! Girl slays big time.

After having her brand new single, The Seekers, on repeat for a week straight at Supré HQ, our Editor decided to give her a ring to find out what’s next for the singer/actress/girl of our dreams.

Naomi, take it away.


 Hey Naomi, thanks for taking some time to chat to us! How’s your day been? 
Hi Annie! It’s been very good, I’ve had the day off and while it hasn’t been sunny, I’ve been reading this amazing book called The Alchemist. It’s sooo good.

 It really is! One of the most loved books I’d say. Okay, let’s get started…I’ve got so much to ask you! What began your interest in music? Was it something that stemmed from acting or was it the other way round? 
I first became interested in it when I was in High School and I did a musical – it was my first ever audition for anything and I ended up getting the lead role! The experience was so amazing and I met heaps of incredible people and the crew were great too. It helped me gain a lot of confidence and I think that experience made me want to become a performer.

 It’s pretty insane that a musical in High School can be the start of an amazing career. Would you recommend girls who are interested in pursuing a performing career to take these opportunities during school? 
Oh definitely, I think you should try and experience as much as you can, even if it’s not music or acting. If you just want to try something out or you’re not sure what you’d like to do after finishing school I think these experiences are so important.

 What’s the process you go through when writing a song? Do lyrics come first or the music? 
It’s always very different to be honest. With The Seekers the chords came first - I played the keyboard. But sometimes with other songs the lyrics come first. Often I’ll make up a melody and record it and then think back to past experiences and start putting some lyrics down. I think that’s what’s so fun about it, it’s never the same routine and it’s always very surprising.

 How long does a single usually take you to write? Is it a long process? 
Again, it really depends! It might only be a day; a week or sometimes I paste a lot of half written songs together over the course of a year. I can’t just say “oh I want to write a song today” - at times it comes naturally and at others it won’t.

 So in saying that, which has been the most challenging for you so far? 
Ooooh okay. The most challenging song I’ve written is a song I haven’t released yet. I’m planning to release an EP next year (editors note: YAY) and the song is called What Will Be Will Be. It’s actually one of the later tracks that I did and it’s my first heartbreak song. I’m a very happy person and I usually write about happy experiences but this song was quite sad, although refreshing at the same time. It’s about how I broke up with my boyfriend and how everything became cold…but it’s also very positive with a strong message. It’s hard because you have these flashbacks when you’re writing and it’s difficult to get it out but I’m so glad I did because it was very therapeutic.

 I can’t wait to hear that one! Is it fair to say you draw on personal experiences when you’re coming up with new songs? 
Yeah! I think every song that I’ve released and that I’ve decided to record are all from personal experiences – I mean, occasionally, I’ll write something that’s make-believe - but I think the best ones are from personal experience. That’s what makes it a bit more special and I can sing it better because it comes from emotion.

 So it can be a bit of a release writing these songs? 
Definitely! The first song that I released, Blank Paper, which I’m not gonna lie, is a cheesy song, but like man every time I’m feeling down and I need some inspiration I always pop that song on because it lifts up my mood.

 So far you’ve produced three singles, all of which we’re obsessed with by the way! Have you had a favourite? 
My favourite song that I’ve written is the one I mentioned before, What Will Be Will Be. While it was the most challenging song to write, it was also the most mature and it was recorded with no extra vocals so you can really hear the pain in my voice and what I’m going through. I sent it to a lot of mates and they really like it and can relate to it too.

 Seriously, I can’t wait to hear that. When is it coming out? 
I think I will be releasing my EP most likely early next year. I don’t have an exact date but I’ll be releasing 5 songs together.

 Tell us about your music videos. Is it as glam as I imagine? I’m picturing wind machines, Beyoncé and cute backup dancers! 
Hahaha! Hmmm, well a great example is the video for Blank Paper, which I actually got to produce. It was really exciting to be in front of the camera and behind it at the same time. Literally after I finished a scene I’d rush behind camera and talk about what we’d be shooting next and what angles to look for. I had to be on the whole day. So, that wasn’t really all that glamorous! Thank god I had a great makeup artist and hair stylist haha. It was quite stressful – it was a fourteen hour day and it was a lot of hard work! I had a very lovely casting crew so I was lucky with that.

 You made it look pretty effortless and from a viewer looking in it looked like a heap of fun.? 
It was fun! Those boys are my mates actually.

 That’s cool! So you can get your friends involved? 
Yeah it was cool, ‘cos like, I got to hire my mates and they’re all musicians as well so that was nice and I think we had really great chemistry which showed on screen.

 Tell us a bit about your musical aspirations, what do the next five years hold? 
Oooh, I’m heavily based in acting at the moment but I do want to accomplish both. I’ve spoken to my team about it and at the moment we are really focused on the acting. However, I am really pushing for music between the gaps where I can. I’m always writing music simply because I love it. In the next five years I'll release my EP and possibly my first record! I’d love to be signed to a major label in America. And for acting, I’d love to do a few films and maybe a TV show – that’s why I’m doing the big move to America next year! It’s so exciting, I’ve been planning it for a while and my visa has just been submitted a week and a half ago.

 Big dreams, I love it! Okay, two more questions. If you could collaborate with one artist who would it be? 
Ummm, who would I love to work with…I have two is that okay? Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. They’re both incredible performers and song writers. They write such great pop songs and I really think I could learn from them. Taylor’s so good at the business side of things…it would be awesome!

 What are the three songs you’re belting out in the shower? 
Ohhh I can answer this one! I Love You Always Forever by Betty Who, Side To Side by Ariana Grande, We Don’t Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez, and can I do one more? Closer by The Chainsmokers ft Halsey.

 Yep, they're major tunes! Thanks so much Naomi and can't wait to see what's to come with your career.




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