Jordan is the definition of the word everything. Impossibly tall and with more glow than a Kardashian lit up by an led phone case, Jordan has an infectious energy that just makes you smile.

We sat down with the South African born beauty on set of our latest campaign to quiz her on personal style, what her ultimate Baby Tee would say and how she became a superstar model.



 Hi Jordan, we’re so excited you’re in the Girl Gang! Could you tell our readers a little bit about yourself? 
I am 18 years old, I was born in Cape Town, South Africa, but now I live in Auckland, New Zealand! I have finished high school, so now I am modeling full time!

 What got you into modeling? Was it a path you imagined you would take? 
I was scouted and signed when I was 15 years old, but have only started modeling late last year! It was definitely not a path I thought that ever would be for me, or one that I thought that I would take. But it is an amazing opportunity and experience!

 Do you have some advice for aspiring models? 
My only advice for anyone wanting to get into this industry, or even someone already in the industry is to be a nice person! Having a genuine personality and being nice is what keeps you down to earth, and keeps the people around you feeling good, loved and respected!

 What do the next few years hold for you? 
I can't really plan or say what the next few years have for me - lately I've been living my life day by day! But hopefully big things.

 We love your style. Where do you get your inspo from? 
My style inspiration is definitely still a work-in-progress. Finding your own personal style is so hard and can take a long time. I'm definitely still working on mine!

 You looked so ridic in our Baby Tee on shoot! If you could make your dream Baby Tee, what slogan would it have and why? 
A slogan I would want on a baby tee would be "SLEEPIN'" because I'm always tired!

 Your number one beauty tip 
Drink lots of water and moisturise

 Your go-to workout 

 Your ultimate snack 
Nacho chips

 How your besties would describe you? 
Free spirited

 Song you sing in the shower 
Something - Whitney Houston

 Hip hop or pop? 
Hip hop

 Chocolate or chips? 

 Kendall or Kylie? 

 Rom coms or thrillers? 



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