Being a student at Brent Street is pretty much up there with being a student at Hogwarts…basically every teen’s dream. We asked two of our Dance by Sporté campaign superstars to let us live vicariously through them and take us on a day filled with dancing, squad hangs and healthy food!

Georgia: I wake up really excited about the day ahead. I get ready before I jump on the bus to Brent Street. My body is still sore from the day before, but I can push through with a good brekkie.

Tia: I arrive early at the Entertainment Quarter to grab some avocado on toast for breakfast. I love a good avo toastie!

Georgia: I head to the change room to put on some make-up. Just a light application for today.  Always good to look ready, because at Brent Street anything can happen! I’m excited to get into this tap class as I haven’t tapped in a while and it’s one of my fave styles. Plus, I get to see my friends in class! 

Tia: We head to our first class - ballet with Naomi. Today I am going to focus on my turn out and posture. It is hard to maintain, but I know that quality practice is key.

Georgia: Time for tap class with the amazing Sean Robinson and we’re happy to be here working on something new and challenging. We work on progressions and a combination for our graduating performance at the end of the year.

Tia: It’s lunch time and it’s nice to be outside in the sun with my friends re-fuelling. I’m enjoying an acai bowl and hanging out with Georgia, my bestie, which is always a highlight.

Georgia: I’m having a healthy beef salad with a mandarin. I love lunch times because I get to catch up with my friends about our weekend coming up and at the moment the hot topic is about our upcoming dance trip to the USA. Can’t wait! 

Georgia: Now we have Commercial Jazz with choreographer, Matt Gode. The style is very feminine and allows me to come out of shell and be girly! He has me working on a fast turning combination, the art of walking and an intricate combination to challenge memory and the use of line.

Tia: Last class of the day is Lyrical Jazz with Cassie Bartho! We are already warmed up from the previous class so we just do a quick stretch and then get straight into a dance combination. Cassie teaches us about the importance of getting timing right and how it can affect a style of dance. I am getting pretty tired but it’s always so fun and I pretty much forget about that. 


Georgia: Another great day at Brent Street for Tia and I! Tomorrow is the weekend where we can rest and re energise for another full week ahead. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tia: Only 3 more sleeps before we get to come back and do it all again. But who’s counting? ;)






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