Brent Street seems to be a breeding ground for epically talented dancers, who happen to be massive babes too! Talent and beauty? No fair. Now we’ve stopped fan-girling, let us introduce you to profesh dancer and actress, Jacqui Heeney.

We were lucky enough to get a peek inside a standard day in Jacqui’s life. Ps: her standard day takes place on tour with major pop star, Samantha Jade (again, no fair).

Watch the vid then read on about the path she took to achieve her dreams.



 Hi Jacqui, tell us a bit about yourself 
Hey guys! I’m 24yrs old, originally from Melbourne and now based in Sydney - in beautiful Bondi. I’m a professional dancer, and watching others dance and be free really makes me happy – it feeds my soul.

 How did you get into dancing? It must be super exciting being on tour with Samantha Jade! We girl crush her hard. 
I started dancing at the age of 3 when my mum put me into ballet class. I’ve been dancing ever since. I then came into my own as a dancer when I trained at Brent Street. Full-time dance training at Brent Street was an experience I was fortunate to have, and really pushed me as a performer. Access to some of the best coaches in the industry was very inspiring, and made me as a dancer.

Currently I am working alongside Sammi Jade and it is so much fun – it hardly feels like work. I get to travel all over Australia performing in beautiful places alongside my best friends. Some of my favorite memories have been on tour with Sammi and I will cherish those forever.

 Have you always had a good level of self-confidence? 
Self-confidence is definitely something I have learnt over time. The more life experience you have, the more confident you become. I try to remember the compliments I receive from people and forget the insults… It’s an ongoing process. Keeping a positive outlook also helps!

 What’s a standard day like in your life? 
One of the most exciting parts about being a professional dancer is every day is different. Last weekend I started the morning with some meditation and yoga and then headed to a rehearsal for a Sony music video - soon to be released. Then I headed home to pack for an early morning flight to Perth where I was scheduled to perform with Sammi at the opening of a Rugby match.

After the Perth performance (the next day) I flew back into Sydney, went straight from the airport to teach a dance class at a local studio, and after teaching went to a casting for a television commercial. No day is like the other!

I’m also very passionate about acting, and it’s something I want to pursue more in the future - with opportunities arising through my agent, Focus Talent Management.

In my downtime I like to work on my website. It’s a platform to express my love of dance and it maps out some of my weekly milestones.

I’m striving to promote well-being and self confidence in a positive way. Being a performer has taken me to some of the most beautiful places around the world and the spontaneity that comes with my occupation keeps me on my toes. The unknown future of where my dancing will take me and the people I may work with excites me more than anything!

 What’s your ultimate indulgence or guilty pleasure? 
I love Lindt sea salt dark chocolate… salty and sweet, YUM.

 What’s your standard go-to healthy meal? 
I love anything with vegetables; I like to cook Asian dishes.

 If you could dance in any musicians film clips, who’s would it be? 
I would love to feature in more of Beyoncé’s videos. I was lucky enough to dance in her film clip “MINE” ft. Drake. When she was in Australia touring The Mrs. Carter World Tour she shot 3 film clips for her album. She has the most incredible creative team surrounding her and it was so inspiring to work amongst them. I love her concepts, choreography and costuming. She is a Queen!

 What’s the song you sing in the shower?? 
I make new songs up all the time…Haha! I have a terrible singing voice.

 What’s your go-to outfit when you’re not dancing? 
Black jeans a white tee and white sneakers.

 What’s your go-to beauty routine? 
A clean face with a nude lip and a nicely shaped brow. You can’t go wrong with the natural look.





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