Every time Teigan Nash’s picture pops up on our feed it’s love heart emojis all round. Seriously, the girl just radiates infectious energy and positive vibes and we DARE you not to smile when you look at her Insti!

The Network Seven presenter splits her time between Saturday Disney and studying nutrition so naturally we had to sit down with her to talk all things health, exercise and self-confidence.

Wanna see more of this superstar? Keep an eye out next week to see Teigan’s @supreinstagram takeover where she works our new Sporté range andgives a peek inside her life!

1. How did you get started with TV presenting? Were there challenges you faced along the way and how did you overcome these?
I started hosting for an online fashion company when I was about 17 years old. I constantly had ideas of cool videos and content I wanted to create so I bought a camera and a microphone and would interview people and create videos. They didn’t necessarily go anywhere but I just loved to film, edit and be creative! I was also with an agency from a young age and did a number of commercials growing up as a kid.

As I got older I went to a few bigger TV Presenting castings and I am not going to lie it was very hard…there are a lot of no’s in the industry and I think you need to have thick skin. Learn from every audition. I received a lot of no’s and at first I would get really upset but I have taught myself to learn from each experience. At the end of the day this is your journey, so have fun with it!

2. You’re such a positive, glowing person. Have you always had good self-confidence or was it something you’ve learnt along the years? 
Thank you :) I started dancing at a young age, competing in eisteddfods, doing solos and group routines. This really helped to boost my self- confidence. I was an outgoing kid; I loved being active and still do! I think that self-confidence is definitely something that I have learnt over the years, the more I found myself, and what I liked to do the more confident I became. My mantra: Be Bold, Be Confident, Be You!

3. What sparked your interest in healthy living? 
Fresh out of high school I moved to Hong Kong to work at Disneyland (editor’s note: ummm how do we get that job?!). It was my first time living and cooking for myself (Mum had always cooked for me while I lived at home! #spoilt). So, I think cooking for myself is what sparked my interest in healthy living. I absolutely love to cook and create different meals!

4. What are your three tips for becoming a healthier you? 
Moderation (everything in moderation)
 Balance (eat a balanced diet)
Listen (listen to what your body needs and craves)

5. What’s the first thing you do every morning? 
I’m definitely a morning person so I am always active/doing exercise!

6. Tell us about your fave workouts.
I like to mix up my workouts, so it really varies from doing a yoga class, high intensity training, a run or a beach walk and swim with my friends.

7. Do you have an easy go-to dinner you like to make? 
Seeing as we are going into winter one of my favourite meals is THAI PUMPKIN SOUP!
It is super easy to make:
    Cut up and roast the pumpkin. Then, on the stove simmer:
 Onion or leak
Salt + pepper
After the pumpkin is roasted add it in with some coconut milk and mix all the ingredients together and blend! Lastly, garnish with coriander. 

 8. What do you indulge in? 
I love making bliss balls which is also another easy recipe. All you need is dates, cacao, macadamia nuts, chia seeds and shredded coconut!

9. What snacks would we find in your handbag? 
HAHA, I always have food in my bag, especially when we are away on trips with work. You can almost always find cucumber and carrots (if I haven’t eaten them already), and I always have a little raw organic chocolate bar too!

10. You have amazing skin, tell us your secret beauty tips:
To tell you the truth I don’t do much to my skin and I’ve found that works the best for me. We all have different skin and different regimes. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but when I do for filming or going out I usually use an oil to take it off - like rose hip oil. Then I usually just wash my face with water and use a rose mist to hydrate my skin.






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