You may recognize her from working it in our dance range, and Ashlee Anne is back and babin’ in our fresh Sporté collection!

We sat down with this talented chick to talk modeling, gymnastics and her top tips for living a healthy lifestyle.

How did you get started with gymnastics/acrobatics/dancing/being super talented?
Artistic gymnastics started for me at the age of 7, when my parents enrolled me in local classes. They hoped that it would help correct how pigeon toed I was (and it worked hahaha!). I trained before and after school for several years and it was the closest I ever felt to flying. Unfortunately, however, I was a very tall gymnast and my feet started scraping the mat when I hung straight from the high bar in my mid teens, so eventually that ended competitive gymnastics for me. After retiring, dance took over as a passion of mine and now I like to explore both disciplines as specialist skills to compliment my current work.

What about modeling? 
When I was 15 years old, I was awarded two weeks work experience at Vogue Australia for winning a national writing competition.  During this time I met a few photographers who mentioned that Dancers and Gymnasts often make good models because of their level of body awareness. I gave it a go and sent some pictures to agencies!

 Have you always had good self-confidence or was it something you’ve learnt along the years? 
I am very fortunate that I work within an industry that constantly challenges my ideas of beauty. Confidence can be an ever-changing, fleeting feeling that greets you for various lengths of time throughout your life.  Over the years, I have gotten better at summoning the confidence I need to perform any given task and have found if you work towards things you are really passionate about, it becomes even easier.

Three tips for becoming a healthier version of you?   
Adopt a plant-based diet high in whole foods, prioritise ‘good’ sleep (pre-midnight) when possible and avoid alcohol.

What’s the first thing you do every morning? 
Drink a large glass of water and make myself a huge smoothie of bananas, berries and/or dates in coconut water with chia seeds.

Tell us about your fave workouts?
I am absolutely obsessed with trampoline parks and have somehow managed to find one virtually everywhere I have traveled! I tend to favour workouts that incorporate playfulness and functionality rather than strict, monotonous regimes. My local trampoline park has now opened a free running section, so you’ll often find me there trying to make my way through the obstacles!

Do you have an easy go-to dinner you like to make? 
2 favourites of mine are: Huge batches of dry oven-baked potato wedges with greens or any vegetable/legume with rice. Rice is by far my favourite staple food.

What snacks would we find in your handbag? 
Medjool dates, dried bananas, orange juice, baby spinach and low sodium rice crackers.

Tell us your secret beauty tips for good skin. 
Hydration is key; make water, coconut water and/or herbal tea your best friends. Also limiting the amount of chemicals you use on your skin can make a huge difference. I use coconut oil as both a makeup remover and moisturizer, alongside Apple Cider Vinegar diluted in a 1:1 ratio with water as a toner to pH balance my skin. 







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