Is your main form of exercise the squat down to suss out the fridge? 
Do you only do crunches when eating chips?
We’ve got one sure way to pump you up and that’s through our boss new active collection!

At Supré HQ there’s one person we call when lollies, chips and chocolate have replaced the vegetable section on our food pyramid. That’s in house personal trainer, Courtney, who whips us back into shape AND makes it kinda fun (…kinda). Courtney shares her top fitness and health tips.

Bored of the treadmill?
Try boxing to improve your coordination, decrease stress and give your whole body a workout! #winning


Drink plenty of water!
Not only does it make your skin glow, it can stop you from overeating when you mistake hunger with thirst. 


Never skip breakfast and try to make sure that majority of your plate is filled with colorful vegetables or fruit!

Did you know your late night insta sesh could be disturbing your sleep?
Turn off your devices an hour before bed to ensure a well rested sleep. 

Give pilates a go.
It improves posture and flexibility and keeps you looking totes hot in our Luxe Basics! 



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