In celebration of the #1 woman in your life, we asked a few of our Girl Gang faves to tell us what they steal from their Mums! Plus, keep scrolling for your very own printable Mother’s Day card :)

Tash Bonniface, Blogger
"I stole my mums personality trait of unconditional love! She has always given my sibling and I unconditional love since I can remember and I’ve taken this as my own and spread it around everyday. There's nothing quite like a mother's love" 

Alexandra, Blogger
“My clumsiness comes from my mum, but I wouldn't have it any other way!"

Briden Starr, Singer, Actor and Dance Teacher
“My mum was in the industry for many years, including being a judge on Channel 7's ‘Pop Stars’. After that she opened a performing arts studio and I also teach there! I've been told by many that "I'm my mother's daughter" when it comes to teaching!...I also steal her clothes ;)”

Kaitlyn Rodriguez, Blogger
"My attitude! I got this sass from you mum!"  

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