What do vlogging superstars have in common? Brains, beauty and a black belt in YouTube! We caught up with Steal the Spotlight’s Katie Orlowski for her ultimate tips on what it takes to make it in the video world.


Cliché but true! There are millions of people on YouTube so imagine how boring it would be if they all acted the same. Let your true self shine through, quirks and all, because most of the time that’s what will make you memorable!

Honestly when you’re first starting out there’s no need to worry about all the bells and whistles, they’ll come with time. My only recommendation is to save up for a DSLR camera, because high quality videos are a must! I know they’re pricey but trust me they last you a long time.

You might be making the most amazing videos but people will never know if they don’t click on it - which is why your thumbnail picture and title are so important! Make the photo bright and eye catching and the title short & sweet in order to stand out from the crowd.

The simplest way to build a following is to communicate! Talk to your viewers as much as possible to understand what they want to see from you.This will also help build a relationship with them, which often means they’ll be more likely to tune back into your channel or share it with their friends!

Let’s face it we all like to keep up with what’s hot, so this is an easy one! Upload videos that relate to a trending topic.It could be a popular celebrity, an upcoming holiday or a new TV Show. If it’s something everyone is searching for then you’re more likely to gain views!

Don’t let the numbers get you down! Success doesn’t happen overnight so it’s important to stay positive and keep working at it. As long as you’re having fun people will join the party eventually. 


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