Meet sisters Ashley and Olivia Mescia! These Sydney babes are winning the #twinning trend and split their time between modeling, school and cheerleading. We had the gals document a day in their lives filled with fairy floss, rollercoasters and good times!

It’s school holidays and who doesn’t love a theme park expedition? We woke up bright and early to get the ferry across gorgeous Sydney Harbour. Next stop Luna Park!

Walking in we were greeted by two crazy enthusiastic ladies. Let’s just say by the end of the day we were practically a part of the crew. Miss you fam.


By early lunch our tummies were calling so we grabbed ourselves a cheeky hot dog and some fries #YOLO. As twins we’re always asked if we like the same things. Most of the time we do… but Ashley’s sauce of choice is tomato and for Olivia its BBQ. Yum.

We tried our luck on the laughing clowns and after a few games we were ready to give up, but we struck gold and won ourselves an enormous purple teddy bear!  Guess we’ll have to share...

SO exhausted but we couldn’t leave without grabbing ourselves some fairy floss to keep our sugar high up for cheerleading practice tonight. 

We’re fit fanatics and love anything to do with sport but we really enjoy Cheerleading because it’s a team activity. We do tumbling, dancing and of course stunting (we are usually the flyers) so what’s not to love!


Straight to bed for us!


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