It’s easy to fall into a hair rut, especially when you’ve hit the snooze button a few too many times, still have to choose an outfit, do a cat eye AND wait for your Uber!

That is why we enlisted the help of mega vlogger, Stephanie Bailey, and her mermaid hair to bring us these surprisingly easy braiding tutorials.

Consider yourself hairstyle schooled!

Using a comb part your hair neatly on the side.
Then take a medium sized piece of hair from the front section.

French braid starting from the side part down to just above the ear.

Using some bobby pins, fix the braid into place.
Cover the pins using the back section of your hair and you’re done!

Style your hair into a half-up, half-down pony tail.
Twist the top section into a bun so it’s out of the way.

Lean over so that your hair falls upside down.
Then dutch braid starting from the neck up until you reach the top where the bun sits.
The effect is often better if the braid is loose and somewhat messy.

Undo your loose bun and combine it with the braid, pinning into place to create the finished product.

Using a comb, neatly part your hair to the side where you wish the braids to begin.
This usually looks best an inch or so off centre.Separate the hair below the part into 3 even sections using your comb and tie them off individually.It is important that the lines are straight if you want the desired look.

Start dutch braiding the first section closest to your ear, followed by the middle section and finish off nearest the part. (Editor’s note: google ‘dutch braid’ for extra help!)

Tie the braids at the end of the piece using a clear hair band.
Style the remaining hair as you please - curls look AMAZING with this style!


Go-to beauty look:
You can't go wrong with a winged liner and bold lipstick when you want to dress things up!

One product on a desert island:
Unlimited sunscreen!! I am naturally so pale. Otherwise I would be spending my days hiding under a palm tree…

If I were an emoji:


My girl crush:
Gigi Hadid is QUEEN!

People don't know this about me:
I actually grew up in a country town.


I love vlogging 'cause:
It's a way of combining everything I love - makeup, beauty, film and creativity.
And I’ve made some of my best friends through vlogging! 



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