Kaitlyn Rodriguez wears many hats (both figuratively and literally, girl loves a hat). Total Insta-babe, boss blogger, and SRSLY good sales assistant! We sat down with her to talk fashion, being a legend staff member, and her five-year-dream. 

On starting at Supré and her role:
I joined Supré as a Christmas casual in 2013 and have worked there ever since! I am a Retail assistant at the Sunshine Plaza store.
I’m lucky enough to work in such a great environment with an amazing group of girls that honestly, most days, I don’t even feel like I’m at work!

On a typical day at Supré:
I meet new people and get to know them, as well as help them find what they’re looking for.Styling people and putting together outfits is definitely my favorite part – seeing how happy people get when they find that perfect outfit is the best feeling!

On the Girl Gang, team spirit, and Supré Foundation:
The Supré Girl Gang is great! It brings us all closer together, as we support and help one another while working, not only as friends but team mates. An amazing staff member is one who is there for their team and helps keep work a positive and encouraging place. Going above and beyond when doing tasks is a great way to show your passion for your job as well! I also love the work we do to support headspace through the Supré Foundation and the Always By Your Side campaign, especially since a lot of the customers who shop here are aged 12-25 - which is the main age group headspace helps! I’m so proud to work for a company that supports their work.

On the fashion:
I love how Supré has evolved over the years going from mainly stocking basics to being constantly on trend with clothing to suit so many styles!My Supré faves are definitely the denim pieces because they’re so versatile and there are options for every season.Plus they’re so cost effective for quality denim! I’m a sucker for the Luxe Basics range for something a little fancier too!

On retail experience leading to other ventures:
Working here made me realise fashion is definitely what I love! In the past I didn’t Instagram much, apart from posting photos with my friends and the odd selfie.Then Supré started the #supregirlgang hashtag and I started posting more photos of my daily work outfits.These photos were regrammed by the brand and this inspired me to share more and more outfits and eventually led to the creation of my blog, k-collective.com.

On where she’ll be in five years:
My dream would be to succeed in the fashion industry as a stylist or fashion editor!

We have no doubt that this cool chick is destined for great things!

Our next-level Recruitment Consultant, Georgia, has a knack for finding the best girls in the bizz, so we HAD to ask her for some hot tips.

1. Be yourself
No matter how much you want the job, always be yourself.Let your true self shine through. An interviewer will see through the mask.This will assist with getting a better match between you and your new employer.

2. Build rapport
Developing rapport with an interviewer shows that you are personable and able to work well with others.

3. Take your time
Don't feel like you have to answer a question straight away, take a few seconds to gather your thoughts and answer.This will make you sound more confident in your answers and allow you to let the interviewer know you know your own value!


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