It’s party season and that means all sorts of sparkle…Starting with your face! Our amazing make-up artist Molly Warkentin shows you how to rock the metallics trend.

Molly says: This look is simple yet so effective!

Step 1

Start by giving the skin a fresh luminous glow - I find it best to use a moisturiser with luminosity added to it as a base, so you’re hydrating the skin at the same time.Add a touch of concealer if needed – I go by the rule “if it doesn’t need covering, don’t cover it!”You can also add the luminising moisturiser to your foundation to give you coverage while adding that glow.

Step 2

I like to go for creamy textures on the eyes as opposed to the traditional powder shadow.Lots of brands now do creams that set, so you don’t end up with it down your cheeks!Choose one that has a shimmer to it, and sweep it across your lids.Add a little to the inner corner of your eye for extra zing!

Step 3

Don’t forget your eyebrows! They frame your face, so wear them proud.I love using brow mascara to brush the hairs upwards - this adds fullness and softens the face. 

Molly says:
If you want to take it up a notch this party season and make a statement, this one’s for you.

Step 1

Start by choosing a product with a high shine to it. I personally like loose pigment eyeshadows but potted shadows work just as well. Sweep the colour over the whole lid so you have a nice base to work on.

Step 2

This is where the trick comes in. Dampen your eyeshadow brush, then press the eyeshadow onto your lids using the damp brush. This applies a concentrated amount of pigment to the area and the result is a brilliant metallic effect. It’s that easy.





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