Every year, come Jan 1st, we attempt to commit to a ‘New Year New Me’ philosophy. We’re all about believing in your dreams so we’ve gathered our fave gals’ #goals for 2016- just in case you’re lacking some inspo!

Remember, keep your resolutions realistic and don’t stress if they don’t happen… there is always next year ;)

Kaitlyn Rodriguez, Blogger and Supré Sales Assistant:
Every morning wake up an hour earlier than I do now so I can get more out of my days!
Annie-Rose Callanan, Supré Junior Editor:
To make my dream of owning a big, fat tabby cat a reality. I don’t want to spend another cat-less year—life’s too short.
Tessa-Jay Slight, Blogger:
To be more physically active and to travel to Europe!
Leigh Gallagher, Trend Forecaster:
To learn to play a musical instrument! I've always wanted to play the saxophone and after watching the video clip to Klingand - Jubel and seeingthe girl play it live at a beach party in Ibiza, I soooo want to learn it even more! There’s also a saxophone revival happening in music!
Letisha Dall, Social Media Coordinator:
Exercise regularly so I can keep eating donuts, loaded fries and extreme milkshakes!

“…To find three killer festival outfits and be mistaken for Gigi Hadid.”

Isabella Lam, Insta-babe and Supré Sales Assistant:
To read all the books I've put off the past year, and practice Yoga and Pilates too
Liv Phyland, TV Presenter:
To start workshops for teenage girls on health, well-being and mental health. I want to teach and motivate girls to be the most confident and happy versions of themselves.I would also like to learn guitar properly and travel to at least two different continents!
Alyce Cowell, Blogger and The Westfield Insider:
Next April I'm heading to Coachella, so my New Year’s resolution is to find three killer festival outfits and be mistaken for Gigi Hadid.On the way I'll be stopping into Cuba, so I'm also planning to learn Spanish (or at least how to order lots of tacos).
Tamara Davis, Supré Editor:
To do a full chin up in the gym without dying in the process. I’m getting there!
Kate Nutting, Blogger:
My New Year’s resolution is just to be as happy and healthy as possible, and balance everything in my life better.
Nicole Gibson, CEO, The Rogue & Rouge Foundation:
To begin growing my brand internationally, and remain strong in my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.




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