She’s a successful international model and the face of Supre, but 16 year old Maia Cotton is so much more than a pretty face. The New Zealand babe talks ballet, blogging and being in the Girl Gang.

Hi Maia, we hear you're a good dancer? 
Well I started ballet when I was three and I’ve been doing it ever since! Growing up I always thought I’d be a ballerina.I got to that level where a lot of girls audition for full time ballet school, but when I got scouted for modeling I started down that road.I still dance all the time when I’m home and go to classes; I don’t think I’ll ever not dance.

Has your ballet background come in handy with your work? 
It’s one of those things that really helps you move when you’re on a shoot.And besides the actual dance, it teaches you things like discipline and respect.

Why did you decide to launch your blog, 
I’ve always been really interested in fashion, and being a model I think it’s important to understand the industry as a whole.I always say that if I wasn’t modeling I would be striving for a career in fashion, like magazines or styling.When I first launched my blog it was just a quick website I made myself, and my mum would take photos of me or I’d use the self timer. I was really set on having a more professional website and that’s something my agency helped me with.I invested in a better camera and tried to learn about photography… But mum still takes my photos!

“I love representing New Zealand… We’re small but we have a lot of great talent!”

In your career, do you think it's important to be more than just a pretty face? 
Absolutely. Now there’s a big wave of social media girls and models with real personalities, where in the past they were just faces.It’s exciting for me to be part of the industry as that’s happening. That’s why having my blog is really great, because it’s a voice for me and I can get my word out.

You're based in New Zealand. Tell us about Kiwi Life. 
I grew up in Palmerston North, which is a town close to Wellington and the North Island. I’m still based here and I travel to work. I’m part Maori, so I’m indigenous on my dad’s side and my mum is European. I love representing New Zealand when it comes to the fashion industry because we’re small but we have a lot of great talent! It’s really amazing having a platform to do that.

What's the best thing about being in the Supré Girl Gang. 
Where do I start?! I love everything. Making friends with the other girls has been so fun. The thing I like about Supre in particular is when I come to work it’s not work at all. I also love the message the Supre Foundation has for young girls, it’s amazing.

Aw shucks! What about the fashion, any pieces you’re loving for Summer?
We shot some beautiful high neck flowy dresses recently, I really want a few of those for when I go away. I’m also loving the cool tops in tie dye prints, and the new sunglasses! I’ve always been a fan of cat’s eye sunnies and when we shot a pair I was like “Oh my gosh!” They were super cute.

We put 10 questions to your new #girlcrush

On set must haves:
My phone! So many photo opportunities!
3 fave cities:
New York, Florence and London
Best beauty tip:
Always wear sunscreen. It’ll serve you in the long run!
The Breakfast Club:
The Breakfast Club
Current food obsession:
My guilty pleasure is ice cream, but lately I’ve been making my own with bananas! It’s delicious
Best advice you've been given:
To always strive for happiness
Trend you're loving:
I’m a big fan of sports luxe. It’s such a comfortable but cool look to wear day to day
Go-to workout look:
I love printed crops worn with dark leggings
Ultimate girl gang hang:
My friends and I love theme parks!
Dream BFF:
Carrie Bradshaw




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