Music festival season is upon us and I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to dance. As easy as it is to grab some glitter and hit the road, you’ll have a much better time with a little bit of preparation. Here are my 10 tips for festival mastery! 

Remember tickets and ID. As funny as it sounds, this happens a lot. Seriously. Tickets. ID.

Wear the most comfortable, functional shoes you can possibly find.As cute as those combat boots are, you will be wearing them all day- so blisters are not your friends.Trust me, your dance moves are a lot less free-spirited when you’ve got sore feet.

Bring a backpack or small bag to carry essentials. As a guide, my essentials are: water, poncho, cute sunglasses, phone, charging pack, minimal cash and ID.

Remember your camera and something to protect it. I can guarantee you’ll want to snap photos of everything,but music festivals are also the perfect spot to damage expensive things. Disposable film cameras are amazing because you get beautiful, retro-looking pics and you’re only losing a few bucks if it gets damaged.

Prepare for ALL THE WEATHER. I’m talking rain, hail and shine. Some festivals are 30+ degrees and dusty,others are single-digit degrees and ankle-deep mud. I suggest an umbrella, gumboots and plenty of sunscreen.

Go see artists you haven’t heard before. Music festivals are seething with undiscovered talent.You never know - you may hear your new favourite song and get a front-row spot.

Camping 101: save extra room for your bedding. You’ll be thankful that you squeezed in your comfiest duvet and spare pillows - trust me.

Try not to bring your whole wardrobe. As hypocritical as this is (I’m the world’s worst over packer),pre-planning your outfits means you save room and stress. Bring a couple of options in case of a weather change and wear the things you love.

Keep your beauty routine minimal. Sunscreen, lip balm, waterproof mascara and light foundation are great basics.Also, makeup remover wipes will be your best friend. Sometimes that two-kilometer walk to the bathroom is just too much.

Festivals are the perfect place for self-expression.If you’ve ever wanted to stick glitter on your face or dye your hair pink, this is the place to do it. Adopt an easygoing attitude and let yourself be freeeee! 




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