We talk to a ridiculously amazing dance squad about trust, performing, and their thoughts on Beyoncé’s dance moves.

It’s official. We want to start hip hop classes at Supré HQ. All because of a group of talented girls with moves that rival old school Britney.

Let’s begin by setting the scene. We walk up a couple of flights of stairs into the Ministry of Dance studios in Melbourne’s North, where we watch a group of at least fifty dancers putting their absolute everything into a synchronized routine…and it’s mesmerizing. We know we’re in for something pretty special.

Greeting us are seven girls, the youngest 14 and the eldest 18. They introduce themselves: Chloe, Cheyenne, Delaney, Grace, Kate, Chelsey and Nicollette. The previous group have finished in the studio, so we follow the girls in for a catch up. The place smells like sweat and hard work. The girls aren’t fazed though - they’re used to it.

When asked how young they started dancing the response is scattered, with some as early as two and others only at it for a few years. They gather at the studio four times a week after school, and it’s their favourite part of the day. “We’re like a big family, very tight knit,” says Delaney. “Dancing really creates a bond. You see each other go through different phases; you can be injured and see how people are dealing with that. I trust my dance friends more than anything because we go through more together.”

Will you be seeing them at a hip hop competition anytime soon? “We’re not into competitions, it’s not industry practice,” says Chloe. “You’re not going to go into the professional world and show them all your trophies.” Her friend Kate backs her up. “It’s about passion. We perform because we want to…not to try and win a prize.”


“I trust my dance friends more than anything
because we go through more together.” – Delaney

You’re more likely to catch the squad at a number of charity events around Melbourne. Step Up! For Downsyndrome, The Mother’s Day Classic, and The Ronald Mcdonald House Ball. But their favourite was dancing beside a swimming pool for the MS 24 hour mega swim event. To them, these events are about doing their bit, but also about bringing joy to others. As Grace says, “It makes people happy when we dance. It’s amazing watching the crowd smile and clap. A receptive audience hypes you up and gets you motivated!”

When we need to release some stress it’s more often than not over a bowl of Ben & Jerry’s (chunky monkey, that’s what’s up!) But we’re told there is a much healthier way to let everything go. “Dancing is an escape from everything else going on in your life. You can let all of your emotions out,” Cheyenne says, with Delaney agreeing, “You can go into dance thinking ‘I’m gonna stay in this bad mood,’ and come out wondering why you were mad in the first place!” Yep, it sounds like an oddly wholesome way of dealing with life’s curve balls.

Our time with the crew is coming to an end, so it’s critical we ask them the hard hitting questions before saying goodbye. When asked “What do you think of Beyoncé’s dance moves?” we’re met with some laughter and then Delaney pipes up with the most profound truth maybe ever. “We love them. If you don’t love Beyoncé you’re not a dancer…I’m being real here.”

There’s one last thing on the agenda. Missy Elliot’s Work It blares out of the speakers and the dancers take position, pumping out moves that seriously wouldn’t look out of place at the VMA’s. Don’t believe us? Just watch!







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