As the breakout star of The Voice, Grace Pitts has come into her own not only as a musician but a source of inspiration to girls all over Australia. She sits down with gUrl Mag editor Tamara to talk about fame, staying grounded, and what’s next for her.

It’s not just the long blonde hair. Take it from me - Grace Pitts is actual human sunshine.

The 18 year old Sydney schoolgirl first captivated Australia when she auditioned for The Voice with her friend Nathan Hawes. Nathan went on to be a grand finalist, but when Grace’s TV narrative ended, her star only shone brighter. She’s amassed a following of 55 thousand devoted Instagram fans and released a heartfelt EP devoted to her late father. She’s playing shows in people’s backyards because that’s the kind of thing she likes to do. She has an inner beauty that really, truly radiates.

Turns out it’s literally impossible to come away from a conversation with Grace without feeling inspired. Once you’ve read our chat, feel free to write her a love note on her Insta. She’ll probably write back, cause she’s cool like that.

Tamara: Hi Grace! While we were shooting with you one of our models asked if you’re “the girl from The Voice.” That must happen a lot, has it been weird for you?

Grace: It’s been a really big change. Younger girls come up to me all the time. I never had a little sister, so I honestly love getting to talk to them. Recently I was playing in Queensland and a six year old came up after and said “Hi Grace, I’m your number one fan!”It’s good to be a role model for girls, I feel like when I was younger I didn’t have someone who was actually real to look up to.

T: That’s exactly why we wanted to meet you! Can I detect a bit of an accent?

G: Yep, I was born in Melbourne but I lived in America for eight years so I’m kinda half-and-half. I feel like I grew up in America, but I actually developed who I am here.

T: What got you into singing?

G: My dad was really musical, and my mum’s best friend is a piano teacher so I was always surrounded by music. When I was 12 I started writing my own stuff. I never showed anyone, and to this day I still don’t sing in front of my mum. She’ll come into my room while I’m singing and I’ll be like “mum you gotta go.”

“You need to stay true to yourself otherwise you can get lost”

T: So I’m going to assume it wasn’t your mum who made you audition for the show?

G: It was actually my friend Nathan. The Voice producers found me through a video of us singing together and Nathan just said “you may as well do it; you’ve got nothing to lose.” He encouraged me and pushed me in the right direction.

T: Tell me about how your life changed after that moment

G: Well I was sitting on the couch watching my audition with my two best friends and they were like “don’t check your phone.” They were looking at my Instagram – I jumped from 4000 followers to 12 thousand in half an hour. I freaked out and jumped in the shower, just thinking “is this really happening?” I couldn’t believe people actually wanted to listen to my voice.

T: You’ve got a couple thousand more followers these days! How do your girlfriends feel about your fame now?

G: They literally act the exact same, it does not faze them at all. I just get teased all the time! It’s an inside joke, they like to keep me humble! That’s the main thing with all of this, you need to stay yourself otherwise you can get lost. I’m intent on making things my own. I want people to recognise me.

Check out our 70’s themed shoot with Grace! 

T: It must be especially tough navigating fame in the internet age - people can be so cruel online.
Do you get any of that?

G: I’ve only had about 10 rude comments the whole time. Everyone’s so positive and the young ones look up to me, so I don’t think they want to be negative.

T: If you put positivity out there you get it back…

G: Seriously my whole Instagram is about being yourself and being happy in your own skin.

T: That’s a good tone to set. Do you like engaging with your followers?

G: I read everyone’s comments and they’re always surprised when I respond. I’m like “yeah, if you say something nice I’ve gotta say thank you!”

T: Is there a role model or mentor who instilled these virtues in you?

G: Definitely my mum. She’s so selfless and caring, and that’s definitely rubbed off on me. I don’t tell her enough. My father passed away three and a half years ago and she’s been so strong since.  I just want to go hug her!

T: Sometimes you just need someone to be there for you. At Supre we are all about supporting each other as girls, especially when it comes to things like bullying. Do you have any experiences with that you’d like to share?

G: It can be something as simple as having an accent that people can pick on. They probably do it as a joke but when they’re mocking you all the time, sometimes they push it over the edge. I’m not against just saying “hey, do you want to stop?” I think it’s important for younger girls to stand up for themselves. A lot of people assumed I wasn’t going to get anywhere with my music. You just need to prove them wrong.

T: What’s the plan for your music career now you’ve finished high school?

G: I’ve kept next year open so I can record new stuff. I want to go all over Australia and get my name out there, because this is home. Then I’ll probably end up touring in America. I’ve got some fans over there who ask me to come over!

T: Well Grace, I’m going to go home and listen to your EP on repeat!

Grace’s EP “For You” is available to purchase through iTunes 



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