What do you get when you combine brains and beauty? The Vault Online, that’s what! Co-founding the fashion news and lifestyle hub,the girls also find time to undertake another dream job: Stylists.

Aspiring bloggers have your notepads ready, cos’ Danielle and Laura are the real deal. Follow the dreamy duo as they shimmy around Sydney in style.

6:55am: IT'S BARRE TIME! 
Those that workout together stay together, right? We usually start our morning with a killer Extend Barre class to start the day right followed by a coffee hit and breakfast (poached eggs with avo smash on wholegrain toast) at Jackie’s Café or Sonoma! This is where we find we get our best ideas nutted out (we love to bounce off each other!)and it’s a creative outlet for us to start our morning in a positive and productive way.

We map out our day based on the emails that flood in each morning. We hit our calendar as well to decipher what events, photo shoots and meetings are ahead of us and what we need to prepare for each. 

We always like to jam-pack our days with as many meetings in the morning as possible so we don’t lose any crucial time! This could be interviewing influencers for our Vault Insider features, discussing collaborations with potential clients or meeting our PR Managers to discuss prospective opportunities on the horizon.

Seeing as it’s still early, this is the ideal time to shoot content for our Instagram and website. This can be anything from store visits across Sydney where we pull our must have items, or filming for fashion panels and other content driven features.

Our lunchtime is normally spent at beauty product launches supporting our favourite brands and testing and trialing their new up and coming products!

2:30pm: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! Our Vault Insider is our weekly “must read” on The Vault Online. We photograph inside the homes and office spaces of our favourite influencers, designers, stylists and creatives that inspire us on a regular basis, alongside a one-on-one interview with them.It is truly inspiring to meet these talented ladies on a weekly basis!

4:30pm: PREP & POLISH... 
Obviously #wedontwakeuplikethis so we duck off for a quick blow-dry (Alana Kristian in Double bay) and a mani/pedi before our night’s festivities! All whilst we catch up on emails from the past few hours and talk tactics for tomorrow’s schedule. 

6:30pm: PERKS OF THE JOB...
We’re both extremely lucky to go to all these amazing events with such inspiring people on a regular basis. This gives us a chance to meet like-minded influencers and potential clients over a glass of champagne (or two!)



01. Let your personality shine through and never second-guess yourself.

Whether it's nerdy, quirky, “pun-heavy,” whatever! It's genuinely you, and this is the fun of it.If you're thinking about blogging, it's because you want to tell something to the masses. A blog is an amazing way to share your style and point of view! 

02. Have patience!

It can take a really long time for your audience to grow. When we first started out in the industry we knew no one and had absolutely no contacts that we could rely on. We built The Vault from the ground up.Sure, there are times when you think you can’t cope anymore and want to give up - but keep going!!If you love something that much and you are willing to do anything for it…how could it not work?

03. Don't compare yourself to others.

Concentrate on what YOU’RE doing and YOUR goals only! Focus on creating original, interesting content and do not compare yourself to others. This will only distract you from the path you wanted to go on in the first place!   




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