Meet Ariella and Kayla, the boss babes behind a floristry business that’s making the world a prettier place.

You’d be wrong to think the skill set of a florist starts and finishes with a simple bouquet. Hailing from Byron Bay, the botanical babes from Wattle and Eye, Ariella Hill and Kayla Moon, create sculptural floral installations for events. They found their passion for plants separately, before enrolling in the same course at Melbourne Polytechnic by chance.

Ariella established her love for nature on a trip to Turkey, where she discovered the Tulip Festival, whilst Kayla began gardening as a means to prevent her from staying out too late watching bands. There was one thing they both knew for certain: everything made perfect sense, and felt completely natural in the world of flowers.

The girls have captured our attention with their imagination and originality and naturally we had to know more.

How did you girls meet?

Ariella - It’s a funny story actually; our first common interest was a short, guitar playing boy when we were merely 14.
Kayla - We both fancied him at the same time... it took us a little while to realise we fancied each other more.


What is it about flowers and plant life that makes you so passionate?

A - There is something about the colours, the smells and the feeling of dirt under your nails that makes me want to always be amongst the greenery.


What’s it like working with your friend and running a business?

A - I think it’s fantastic. It can be challenging but it always ends up being constructive. I love watching what happens when we switch our dynamic from business boots to giggles and kicks.
K - It also helps our creative process to be super productive.


What are the challenges you’ve faced since starting a business together?

A - Neither of us know much about the admin side of things. Sooo, ehh…
K - I invited my business savvy uncle to come around and guide us through all those fun acronyms like TFN and ABN. I’d say we’ve got it down now.


If you could flower-bomb anyone’s house, whose would it be?

A - We would love to flower-bomb someone amazing’s stage! Maybe Devendra Banhart or Soko?
K - Or both at the same time! How could we possibly choose?





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