Every star sign tells a style story. Follow our guide for guaranteed outfit hotness!


The Taurus sign is a bull, meaning you are one STRONG chick! With that strength comes a sense of “I know what I like”. You choose classic items that you can mix and match with ease.

The Taurus is also incredibly loyal and you’re willing to pamper your girl gang. You throw an amazing party, and in turn want to wear something a little special – like the perfect LBD. The stars say that the garment for you is: 

Kendall High Neck Bodycon Dress AU $25 / NZ $30 


The Cancer is family oriented and loves chilling at home. You’re creative and love to spend time reading a magazine, writing, or just relaxing with your bff’s.

These qualities reflect in your chic and comfortable style, and tendency to buy pieces you can get lots of wear out of. Cancers can be very emotional and when the mood strikes you love to express this in feminine styles. The stars say that the garment for you is:

Bella Swing Dress AU $25 / NZ $30



The Virgo is a perfectionist. You are a brainy babe and always think before you speak. Your girls prefer to let you approach them if you want to talk instead of prying, as you often like to play things out in your own mind.

All of these traits contribute to your reliable nature and ability to plan ahead. You transfer this way of life to your style choices, favoring a tailored, put-together look. The stars say that the garment for you is:

Bunny Stretch Mini AU $30 / NZ $30



The Scorpio is incredibly persistent and loves a bit of healthy competition. You place great importance on honesty and trust with your gf’s, and once that’s achieved, they’re your friend for life.

You place that same trust and loyalty into your clothes, favouring styles that you know look good, while still updating your look with an edgy vibe. The stars say the garment for you is:

Strappy Back Bralette AU $15 / NZ $15



When your girls are feeling down, they come to you. Capricorns are patient, sympathetic and always there to help a friend in need (you’re the first to lend your bestie a knit when they’re cold!)

You live a structured life and you’re very responsible, which is reflected in your desire for luxe-looking staples. The stars say the garment for you is:

Kendall High Neck Bodycon Dress AU $25 / NZ $30



The Pisces girl is a true free spirit. Your besties see you as a wanderer who lives by your heart. These qualities are reflected in your bohemian style and love for flowing, soft fabrics.

Your outfits always seem effortless and you can get away with combinations others wouldn’t think would work. The stars say the garments for you are:

Festival Short AU $20 / NZ $25
Kendall V Neck Tank AU $20 / NZ $25


Aries are natural born leaders with captivating personalities.You’re an early adopter, picking up on the trends sooner than the rest of your squad.

This coupled with your ability to create all of the LOLS means that your girls look to you for advice and good times. Your wardrobe is regularly raided by your friends, but because of your generous nature you don’t mind. The stars say that the garments for you are:

Square Neck Strappy Crop AU $12 / NZ $15
Button Down Denim Skirt AU $35 / NZ $35 


The Gemini is the life of the party. Your imagination knows no bounds and you inspire the people you meet. This is why your wardrobe is packed full of statement accessories and you’re constantly asked “where did you get that?”

BUT, we must remember that Gemini is a dual sign and you can be quite indecisive, which is why you look to never-fail basics when you can’t quite work out your mood. The stars say that the garments for you are:

Laura Lace Short AU $30 / NZ $35 
Ribbed V Cami AU $12 / NZ $15
Frankie Fringe Bag AU $30 / NZ $30 



Oh, Leo you are one confident cool cat. You’re a social girl and gravitate towards the spotlight. Your encouraging and generous nature means that you don’t mind sharing the attention with your baes, and your confidence results in your ability to make anything look good!

You love to take risks in your fashion choices and your occasionally stubborn side means that there is no trend you won’t try. The stars say that the garment for you is:

Fringe Top AU $20 / NZ $25



Hey Libra, you really are friends with everyone, aren’t you?! Your peaceful and easygoing nature makes you an essential piece that helps hold your girl gang together.

Your carefree lifestyle is reflected in your shopping choices - you love relaxed garments that you can just throw on without too much thought (more time to go out and have fun!) The stars say that the garmentfor you is:

Frankie Frill Playsuit AU $25 / NZ $30



The Sagittarius is kind and caring, living by the motto “nice is the new black”. You treat your girls how you’d like to be treated, and your humor makes your friends laugh til they cry.

This attitude shows in your fashion choices, with a love for colour, quirky prints and funny slogans. The stars say the garment for you is:

Loose Graphic Tee AU $15 / NZ $18



Last minute trip to the beach? Slumber party organised the night of? The Aquarius loves to be spontaneous, and when you send out an invite the squad immediately responds with a collective yasss!

This impulsiveness translates into your eclectic wardrobe, where no trend feels out of place. Since you love to experiment, the stars say the garment for you is:

Willow Wrap Playsuit AU $40 / NZ $40




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