Navigating the world of skincare and make-up isn’t easy, especially when your skin seems to have a mind of its own (seriously, what is that pimple?) We asked major make-up artist Molly Oakfield for her expert tips and tricks. The mission: Project Happy Face.



Molly says:Through your teenage years you may experience several different changes in your skin type, and this won't level out until around 19. The most important thing you can do for your skin is to make sure it's clean and well hydrated.  

On getting that ‘natural’ look

Remember, make up isn’t a mask. It’s not designed to cover up your beauty, it’s there to enhance and highlight your features.

Less is always more. I love to use BB creams – they provide moisturisation, SPF protection and sheer coverage. If you need more cover for a blemish, hit that area with a bit of concealer.

For oily skin, try a light powder down the T-section of your face to prevent your make up shifting.

One product I can’t live without is a cream blush! Gently pat onto the apples of your cheeks for a healthy flush, and sweep some over the eyelids and lips for a hint of colour. Then apply some SPF lip balm.

To finish the look, curl your lashes to help open up your eyes, then brush your brow hairs up and into place using a clear brow gel. Perfect!

On finding what works (for you)

Always try before you buy. Ask the retail assistant for testers - I test a new product for a week, as it generally takes that long to see if your skin will react well or badly. Be aware of how your skin changes with the season. The moisturiser or foundation texture that was suitable for you in summer may not be the same as the one you’ll need in the cooler months. Your skin changes colour over the year too, so you may need to adjust your foundation colour.  




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