Do you ever wish there was a camera following you and your bff around to capture all the hilarious things that happen each day? Have you ever uttered the words “we need our own reality show”? You’re not alone. We followed uber-babes Ellie and Britt around Splendour in the Grass for a day and documented their adventures. NB: it involves lots of dancing, lots of glitter and even more mud. 

10 am

So it's the second day of Splendour in the Grass and we are feelin' funky fresh! Deciding to 'Glamp' (Glam-camping in fun teepees) was so on point. As partners in crime, one of our favourite things to do is run amuck at a festival. Entering the festival full steam ahead, arm in arm, covered head to toe in glitter, cruising around like it ain't no thang, would probably be the best description of us at a festival.


11 am

Who says burgers aren't for breakfast?! Because we spend so much of the day dancing and running around we like to have as much energy as possible! For Britt it's a burger wrapped in a lettuce leaf (GF). This particular burger is called 'Raph' and we have become very good friends with it.


12 pm

We are both massive fans of the 90's - from clothes to music to make-up it’s fair to say we are seriously vibing the style. Backpacks, chokers, a natural pink/brown lip and vintage tees all get massive ticks from us!


2.10 pm

Ellie has been asked to meet with a street style photographer for a shoot, so we are waiting outside the 'Splendour in the Craft' tent. Whatever sorcery that goes on inside this magical place, we will never know, but if this hand-crafted/knitted sign says anything about the activities inside, we think it would be a rockin' time in there. Here's Britt being a big cutie basking in the sun in her fave high waisted jeans - the best kind of jeans.


2.20 pm

This is the result of the little street style shoot! It was so muddy everywhere we went but we managed! Here Ellie is rockin' some shorts that she acquired by cutting a jumpsuit in half, a vintage flannie around her waist and a vintage Metallica t-shirt with a very fun graphic! Boots are always smart at a festival to keep your feet clean!


4 pm

We danced around in the mud to Meg Mac, with our friend Flic! BYO disco sunnies! El found these in a vintage store on Brunswick Street in Melbourne, such a great find! Here in Britt's hands is her trusty Minolta film camera that follows her everywhere she goes! As a photographer, Britt uses both digital SLR cameras and vintage film cameras; however there is something about photographing bands with film that she finds magical. Once we had a little sing-along we went and got a Nutella crepe because we deserved it ;)



“Despite our differences in appearance, when it comes to make-up, we tend to use exactly the same colour tones and in many cases the same products! We both love to look as natural as possible and to use products that accentuate our features.

To draw attention to our eyes we use brown-toned eye shadows and mascara, plus a cream highlighter in the inner corner of our eyes for that extra kick of radiance! You can also apply this to highlight your cheekbones.”




5.30 pm

As the Nutella kicks in, the sun begins to retire and we head back to our teepee heaven to re-group. At Splendour (in fact most festivals we frequent) the temperature overnight drops to unbearable levels and jackets are a must! Once back at the campsite we chuck on these fab jackets designed by two of our good mates. Vintage denim jackets jazzed up and re-done are very much up our alley!


6.15 pm

The sky is dark, the night is young and our mates Pond are tearing up the stage! Hailing from Perth these boys make up half of Tame Impala and do wonders for the Psychedelic Rock genre.


10 pm

Florence and The Machine are El's absolute favourite, so we are front and centre to catch Florence be the goddess that she is. We have the biggest boogie along to her music as she runs all over stage performing like an absolute rock star and her energy is contagious! There’s a point where she finishes up a song and encourages everyone in the audience to give each other a cuddle, and we are always down for a sista cuddle! Being friends since we were 4 years old, we reckon we have been sisters since 1996 and we’re gonna stick with that! We just get each other on a level that no one else does.


12.15 pm

Florence has left us speechless and we head back to hang out with our mates around a bonfire. What an incredible day this was with spine-tingling acts, hilarious friends, a whole lotta dancing and a whole lotta mud! Us glittered gals are all tired out but at least we have one more day to run around and be silly! Nothing is better than spending a weekend dancing along to great music with your favourite person in the whole wide world.



Here's a little playlist of all of the tunes at the festival that rocked our socks off!
Giant Tortoise - Pond
Dog Days are Over - Florence + The Machine
Hallelujah - The Rubens
Let's Dance To Joy Division - The Wombats
Roll Up Your Sleeves - Meg Mac
Gasoline - Alpine
Elephant - Tame Impala
Song 2 - Blur
Sunshine - Flight Facilities








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